Celebrating Women’s Day: Inspiring Stories of Impact and Empowerment

As we celebrate women today, we want to highlight the women behind us since we had an idea up to the stage. They have served as friends, volunteers, advisers, and mentors for what we do at Easy STEM. They have helped us immensely in investing in women and accelerating progress in education. If you need advice or mentorship in any area, please contact any of them and say Easy STEM sent you :).

Read about some of the fantastic work they have done below. 

Lovetta Bangura: Community Impact and Women-focused

Our co-founder, comms, & operations lead is among our strongest pillars. She leads on various work we do in the field, showcasing passion for what we do and being vision-focused. She is a graduating student at the Department of Civil Engineering, Fourah Bay College and a YALI Alumnus. She has past experiences in the construction business, having been a supervisor to several construction projects, and has close to 10 years in sales in the building materials area. She also has experience in road construction, having spent time at the Sierra Leone Roads Authority. She is focused on empowering young women and girls nationwide with skills they will use to help themselves excel.


Sunah Agnes Keili: Empowering Through Entrepreneurship

A dedication to entrepreneurship and youth development marks Sunah Agnes Keili’s journey. With over fifteen years of experience in business development and social advocacy, she’s a serial entrepreneur with a passion for the creative industries. Through initiatives like Skool Grind, Sunah empowers young entrepreneurs to realise their potential. Her vision for the Skool Grind Centre reflects her commitment to providing tangible opportunities for youth to thrive. She is one call away anytime we need her.

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Maryam Darwich: Leading with Purpose in HR

Maryam Darwich is not just the Founder and Managing Director of Afriqia HR Solutions; she’s a trailblazer in her field. For the past 13 years, she’s been at the helm of Afriqia’s services, guiding clients through HR advisory, training, recruitment, and projects. A love for exploration sparked her journey to Sierra Leone, and her passion for discovery extends beyond her professional life. As a feminist, mother, and advocate for critical thinking, Maryam embodies resilience and empowerment. 


Dina Saoudi: Championing Impactful Solutions

Dina Saoudi’s mission to better the world for all children is at the heart of her work. As the co-founder of Seven Circles, she’s focused on establishing strategic partnerships and building sustainable solutions. Through initiatives like Empowering through TM (EtTM), Dina empowers ecosystems to enable individuals economically and socially. Her involvement in various organisations, including Her Majesty Queen Rania’s initiatives, highlights her dedication to creating meaningful impact on a global scale.


Ted X

Hawa Yokie: Driving Innovation and Youth Empowerment

Hawa Yokie is a force to be reckoned with in Sierra Leone’s technological landscape. Since 2017, she’s been driving initiatives like Girls Out Loud and spearheading youth innovation projects. Her leadership extends globally as a member of the esteemed Beijing +25 Youth Task Force, where she contributes to shaping UN Women’s efforts in amplifying youth perspectives. Hawa’s commitment to fostering technological innovation and empowering young Sierra Leoneans is genuinely inspiring.


Lucynda Kabia: Tech, God, Business and Nature 

Lucynda epitomises versatility, determination and entrepreneurship. She has a degree in Statistics and Physics from the University of Sierra Leone. She’s a brilliant Data Analyst, leader and entrepreneur. Balancing academia with her freelance hairdressing business, Lucynda’s entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to learn shine through. Her journey inspires women everywhere, showcasing the power of passion, perseverance, and adaptability.


These women exemplify the spirit of Women’s Day, showcasing resilience, leadership, and a commitment to driving positive change in their communities and beyond. Let’s celebrate their achievements and continue to support women’s empowerment worldwide.

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